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 artissima Torino Turin 9-11nov.2007 with interviews
artissima Torino Turin 9-11nov.2007  with interviews

Ref Number: 171
Length: 14 Minutes

Description: ARTISSIMA featuring the future Torino 9-11 nov.2007 Interviews with: the new director Andrea Bellini, Francesco Bonami, Fiorenzo Alfieri, And the Galleries: Emi Fontana, Milano, Tucci Russo Torre Pelice TO,Primo Marella Milano, Wallspace and Foxy production New York, Vernon Prag 41artecontemporanea, Torino the Torino artists Coniglioviola, Pictures of Postmasters Gallery New York,Alison Jaques Gallery London and more featuring works by Conrad Shawcross, Kristof Kintera, Keren Cytter, James Turrell, Thomas Hirschhorn,Monica Bonvicini, Tony Oursler,Giovanni Anselmo, Tony Cragg, Gianni Caravaggio,Robin Rhode,Shi Jinsong,Ma Liuming,Cui Xiuwen, Han Yajuan,Feng Zhengjie,Jiang Zhi Jakub Nepras,Dave Miko, Hani Armanious,Marco di Giovanni,Paolo Grassino and more
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