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 Lora Pevere Portail au roulettes Salses le Château
Lora Pevere Portail au roulettes Salses le Château

Ref Number: 208
Length: 2 Minutes

Description: Les Rendez-vous de L.A.M.E. Portail à Roulettes Salses le Château Obscurs objets Lora Pevere, Eric Bidault, Valerie Schlee 5 à 14 septembre "Cueillir, dit- elle" Lora Pevere takes the fur lined tea cup by Meret Oppenheim as the starting point for her installation. More or less concave objects are suspended before the spectators eyes, each covered with a different material, hard, soft, heavy, feather light, stone, plastics, beer bottle tops, clothes pegs, coins, some even bubbly, arranged as a flying merry-go-round of phallic U.F.O's
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