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 projekt otwarty - open project - Waldek Dynerman Galeria Apteka Sztuki Warsaw
projekt otwarty - open project - Waldek Dynerman Galeria Apteka Sztuki Warsaw

Ref Number: 364
Length: 6 Minutes

Description: projekt otwarty open project Galleria Apteka Sztuki 00-572 Warszawa 4-27 october 2012 he gallery space was turned into an artistís studio for the duration of the show. All the work was made during the regular gallery hours, and the public was invited to collaborate with the artists. The collaboration took many forms: conversation on art and life, giving specific ideas to work on, or solutions to be implemented, and working directly on the project. The collaborators to the show exceeded thirty people, mostly nonprofessional artists. They came from all walks of life, including children and people with disabilities. The process of building the installation was as important as the final outcome of the show. The work made directly on the gallery walls, will be destroyed the last day of the show, to make room for the next exhibition.
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